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Basic Vocabulary In Use Pdf Free Download

If youre looking for a great visual approach to learning vocabulary, the Deluxe Action of the Oxford Picture Dictionary is perfect for teaching and reinforcing vocabulary. Each page of this electronic dictionary has a full definition and up to 10 images to help you remember the vocabulary. If youre learning a foreign language, its important to practice with real life applications using the things you learn, so these tutorials included in the Dictionary will help with this process as well.

basic vocabulary in use pdf free download

Another way to learn vocabulary is to memorize. This is a fairly old-fashioned approach, but still a popular one that people use all the time. Youll find the WordPower word list covers the most common vocabulary words for many languages. Word lists are just that, Word Power has given a great variety of general word lists including many types of words. Use this list as a reference during conversation. As you can easily add and subtract words from a list, you can use the list as a guideline to keep your vocabulary as fluid as possible.

Another great resource for increasing vocabulary is to make a habit of reading. A great number of the words we use are from literature and it would be impossible for us to know about these words if we didnt read any literature or see any movies. Reading and writing is a great way to learn vocabulary and as you become a better reader and writer, so will your vocabulary. This is a great source of language learning information and is often referred to as the hunger of reading.

The analogy method is one of the best way to learn vocabulary. You can learn a new word by comparing it to another word thats easier to learn. The person teaching you the words lesson will tell you to say the word the opposite way or to use a similar object in a different category. To reinforce this, try learning words like this!


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