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Live Arrival Guarantee

D.O.A Policy

   "Our mission is to expand aquarium hobby in the USA by providing      the most healthy, quality and affordable live stocks and other goods"



Here at ShrimpRack, we truly believe our customer should have the most positive experience in their aquarium hobby regardless how long they are in the aquarium hobby by providing the most healthy, quality and affordable live stocks. Therefore every live stocks that we send out to our customer, should carry out our mission. The most important, we value our customer's satisfaction. 

For those reasons, we provide Guarantee Live Arrival on every package that we send out.

In case of D.O.A, you are covered under our D.O.A Policy, giving all of the following requirements are meet:

  • D.O.A. claims must be sent within 2 hours of first delivery attempt.

  • Visible pictures of un-opened bag of livestock (if dead ones are visible)

  • Once opened, if you have dead animals, please remove them and take a photo of the dead animals next to our postage label attached to your package

  • Send an email with pictures to

  • D.O.A claims  are void if :

    • packages being left outside for extended periods of time in extreme weather .

    • packages is unable to deliver the first time and being hold for extended periods of time at the post office.

  • Extra animals included do not qualify for D.O.A. claims.

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