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  • What fishes can I keep with freshwater drawf shrimps.?
    The rules of thumbs is if the shrimps seems to fit in the mouth of the fish, the fish will eat the shrimps. In natural, shrimps are natural food for most of the fishes as long as shrimps fit for the fishes' mouth.If you are looking to breed shrimps, it is highly recomded to keep shrimps seperately in their own tank becuase the shrimplets are tiny and can be eaten by many of the small fishes.
  • I recevied my shrimps but the color are dulll and doesn't look like the pictures
    Like fishes, shrimps can be stress during shipping. When they are stress, the color become dull, lighter than they normally are. After they are introcuced to the new tanks and get comfortalble with the new enviroments, they will reain their color within 24-28 hours.
  • How do I acclimate the shrimps into my tanks
    Shrimp are sensitive to any change to the water parameters : tempurature, ph, tds, gh ,kh ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. Any immediate changes can cause shock and casuality. The best way to introduction shrimps to your tank is by drip acclimatings, recomended 1 drop/seonds for at least 1 hour or until the water in the container is 90% your tank water. By doing that, shrimps will slowly adjust to your water parameters. Before getting the shrimps, It is highly recomended to adjust your water parameter to match the water that the shrimps are keeping in so that the shrimps will have esasier time to transittions.
  • Why is my shrimps keep dieing?
    There are so many reasons that shrimps die. But the most common reaons is the water quality
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