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Mukhtar Kononov
Mukhtar Kononov

Maitre Gims - J'me Tire ((FREE))

We are very very very disappointed! We traveled 5 hours from south Hungary to see Maitre Gims, we stand in the queue at 21:30, they said the entree is at 22:00. Okay we got in, dj-s were playing, we hoped at 22:50 that Maitre Gims wont be late so much, maybe a 10-15 min. It was 23:30 when we hope that show will start 00:00 but noooooo, dj-s still playin and nobody said what happens. We kept up to breathe smoky air and still standing on our places, because the security always gone around to alert everybody not to sit down. Ridiculous.. We came to a concert, not a fucking party... :@ It could be 1:00 when a black noname singer came up to the stage. Ok, he singed a song, singed another one and we hoped this is a little introduction of Maitre Gims.. When the noname singer started his 4th music, everybody started to whistle him out, and shouting. There were at least 300 very very angry people, only 20-30 who enjoyed the party, the rest were standing and waiting the concert. The noname singer came off the stage, but maitre gims nowhere.. WHATTTTHEEFUCK we asked. After that sby started to speak in mic that Maitre Gims almost here he will start at 2:00, but they hope that he will start in time.. lol really? Okay dj-s continued to playing musics, its 2:00, securities moving etc., Gims stepped on the stage at 2:15... So remember again: we enter the queue at 21:30, the show was written (on every fking platform) to 23:00h but we have to wait more 3 hours in standing position to see Maitre Gims.... And whe he started I was so fucking angry that I couldn't enjoy the show, and I think I wasnt alone with that. Not talking about that 4 hours waiting for a 30min show...WTF for real... At the moment I hated Maitre Gims, I hated all concert in the world, I hate all organizers and i decided to never ever again go to any concert!!!! I work in show business too, but you guys, you fucked it so much. If I were the organizer i would give you a big penalty. My fav. singer WAS Maitre Gims but I will never forget this bad memorie. I payed almost 350 euro (4pers, with transpo) for this day and it was a HUUUUGE disappointment. Thanks for nothing!

Maitre Gims - J'me tire



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