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1-Choosing what shrimp do you want to keep/breed.

Yes, you read it right. You will need first to decide what kind of shrimp do you want to keep first because it will determine what you will need for your shrimp tanks.

Basically, there are 2 most popular shrimp family in the shrimp hobbyist now: Neocaridina and Caridina. Neocaridina are beginner level shrimps such as cherry, sakura shrimps, painted fire, Orange Sunkist, Black Rose, Blue Dream, Blue Velvet, Snow Ball, Red Rili, Orange Rili, Green Jade, etc. Whereas Caridina are immediate level shrimps such as Red Crystal Shrimps, Black Crystal Shrimps, Blue Bolts, Red King Kong, Black King Kong, Red Pinto, Black Pinto, etc.

It can be challenge to choose what shrimp you want to keep because there are so many types now. And each type has their unique color and pattern.  You should look into your experience in breeding, raising shrimps. If you are beginner, Neocaridina family is excellence choices to start since they are very affordable and easier to care for. As you experience increase, you can advance to Caridina family since they require more experience, more care, more knowledge.


2-Decide the size of the shrimp tank.

Unlike fish or other aquatic pets, shrimp do not require much space. However, they require their water parameter stabilize so when choosing the tank, size is not number one priority. What matters most is the ability of keeping your tank water parameter stable. One rule of thumb is “The more water volume in your tank, the easier to keep your water parameter stabilize”.

I personally recommended minimum 10 gallons tank for beginner. Smaller tank requires more care, more maintenance, more water change to keep your water in correct parameters. If you have been in the hobby for a while and know what you are doing, then you can choose tank based on your preferences even nano tank that are smaller than 10 gallons

Otherwise, I personally recommended minimum 10 gallons tank for beginner. Many hobbyists, included myself succeed breeding shrimps in 10 gallons tanks. The reaons is that


3- Subtrate for your shrimp tank.

Choosing the correct substrate have lot to do with what kind of shrimps you want to breed.

Neocaridina thrive in water with Ph higher than 7 therefore inert substrate can be used in the tank. Whereas Caridina shrimp prefer Ph lower than 7 therefore active subtrate which is subtrate with the ability to buffer your water and keeping your Ph under 7, usually around 6-6.8.

That said, If you chose to breed Neocaridina, you can choose inert subtrate that will not lower your ph than 7. Some of inert subtrate can be use are Pool Sand, Black Diamond Blasting sand, Crushed lava rock, basically any subtrate that won’t lower your Ph value.











When you keep caridina, active subtrate is a must because it will buffer your water and keep the ph lower than 7. Some of active subtrate are currently use among shrimp breeders: ADA Amazonia, Ultum Nature Contro oil, Fluval Stratrum, etc, look for “PH buffering” on the package











I personally use all three in my shrimps breeding room. I am not saying one is better than the other one. It’s up to your personal judgement. I will have poll at the end of the post to see the feed back from many breeder out there.

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