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----------------SOYFLAKE SHRIMP FOOD PACK (50 GRAM)-------------------


SOYFLAKES is specially made for freshwater shrimps that provide shrimps with crucial crude fiber. 100% made from soybean shells which is growth media for Mycelia, the vegetative part of fungi. Mycelia contains proteins, amino acids, fats, and other beneficial nutrients for shrimp. SOYFLAKES will not pollute your water even if left in your tank for long period of time, therefore can be used as a "vacation" food when you can't feed your shrimps daily;Ingredients100 % Dried Soybean Hulls Feeding InstructionsApprox. one 1cm pellet for every 20 shrimps.Can be used alternate with other type of food.Feed sparing. Should not over-feed.
For best results, use SOYFLAKES alternate with our  other shrimps food.



SOYFLAKES Daily Nutrition Freshwater Shrimp Food

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