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----------------BALANCED SHRIMP FOOD PACK (50 GRAM)-------------------


BALANCED Shrimp Food is specially made for any type of freshwater shrimps, packed with many essential nutrition that shrimps need from both animal and planted-base. Minerals aid shrimps in molting, help in the development of their exoskeletons and prevent any molting issues. Vitamins helps to boost up shrimp’s immune system. Comprehensive amino acid help to improve shrimplets growth rate and survival rate. Consistently feeding ensure steady and healthy growth for your shrimp colony. Immediate sink to the bottom for shrimps and other bottom feeders 

Seaweed powder, Wheat protein, Blue-green algae, powder beer yeast Animal protein, Minerals ,Vitamins, Comprehensive amino acid

Feeding Instructions
Approx. one 1cm pellet for every 20 shrimps.
Can be used alternate with other type of food.
Feed sparing. Should not overfeed.

For best results, use BALANCED alternate with our  other shrimps food.


BALANCED Daily Nutrition Freshwater Shrimp Food

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