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Alternanthera reineckii Pink is a South American native. AR Pink leaves have a pink underside, which makes them stand out in an aquarium filled with green plants. Stems grow to be around 25 to 50 centimeters tall. The leaves change color to red when exposed to bright light and provided with regular fertilizer, especially iron. It's simple to propagate by cutting off the terminal bud and planting it in the substrate, also resulting in the mother plant to become more bushy since additional side shoots are produced.

    Type: Stem
    Origin: South America
    Growth rate: Medium
    Height: 20 - 30+
    Light demand: Medium
    CO2 : Recomended +/-30ppm

How to Plant, Grow and Care for Alternanthera Reineckii Pink in your Planted Aquarium

  •     Alternanthera variety make an excellent midground or background choice for your aquascape. Use tweezers to plant stems in clusters not too close together.
  •     Alternanthera prove colorful and easy to maintain under the proper conditions of: nutrient rich substrate, regular fertilizing (especially nitrate, phosphate and iron), 30ppm CO2, medium to high lighting, and regular trimming and pruning to maintain your aquascape.
  • Always research first and make cautious modifications to your aquarium to avoid unstable tank conditions that can cause plant melting and decay.
  • CO2 injection is highly recommended for your aquascape. CO2 is recommended around +/-30ppm.
  • A well researched aquarium fertilizing routine is recommended for your plant(s) to grow healthy, vibrant in color, and be nutrient deficiency and algae free.
  • Your aquarium plants will grow best in adequate lighting, medium to high lighting is recommended.
  • Even the easiest aquarium plants require adequate and regular maintenance and care to keep your aquarium ecosystem healthy.
  • Trim your plants appropriately with sharp scissors to prune and/or propagate and to maintain your desired aquascape.
  •  Keep your aquarium pH and general hardness (GH) stable and targeted to your aquascape plan. Aquarium pH of 6-8 is recommended for your plants.
  • Use nutrient rich soil substrate in your aquarium to give your plants the best start.

Alternanthera Reineckii Potted Plant



Every packages from ShrimpRack are packed with care. Your shrimps will be traveling in insulated Styrofoam to ensure they will have an easy transit into new homes.

First, shrimps will be packed in the breather bag. Breather Bag allows 02 and C02 exchange without the need to put extra air and space in the bag, therefore eliminate the water from shifting around cause stress to the shrimps

Second, The bag will be placed in an insulated box filled with shredded paper as insulation to prevent the shift in temperature during the shipment. If necessary, the heat pack will be placed at the bottom to ensure the tempe during winter time.

Shipping Policy

Currently, we only ship using 3 day Priority Mail Service through the United States Postal Service (USPS).

  • Monday - Live Animals/Plants and Hard Goods.

  • Tuesday - Live Animals/Plants and Hard Goods.

  • Wednesday -Hard Goods.

  • Thursday - Hard Goods Only.

  • Friday - Hard Goods Only.

  • Saturday -Live Animals/Plants and Hard Goods.

  • Sunday - No Shipping 

Live Animal/Plants orders place after Monday 10:00 pm PST, will not ship until Saturday morning same week. 

Request of shipping Live Animals/Plants on other days of the week can be made, however, this will void our D.O.A. policy because there is a high chance that Live Animals/Plants will be hold at the post office ware house during Sunday.


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