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  • Size: 153×255 mm (=6×10 inches)
  • Quantity: 100 pieces
  • 2016 new edition. Made of newly developed film which is 15% thicker than previous editions. An effective way of preventing unwanted leak. Highly recommend for express shipping.
  • This special bag is designed for the transportation of live fish, shrimp, snails, aquatic plants and other organisms requiring oxygen exchange. The special molecular structure of plastic film generate constant O2 and CO2 exchange. 
Suggestion for use:
  • Directions: fill the bag with water and aquatic lives, curl the opening part of the bag tightly, then bend the curled top area and enlace with rubber bands (or just tie the curled top area as tight as you can).
  • Tips for delivery: bag should not be too full, wrap bag with air-permeable material like newspaper to make it stronger, fill the remaining space in the box with sufficient buffer, do not put too many bags in the same box without separation. 
  • To be safe, double packing (put one bag into another) is acceptable. It can make bags much stronger and safer, especially for the bags in large size. However, please keep space between the two bags dry (you can insert a paper between the two bags), otherwise it would seriously affect the air exchange.  
  • The success by using breathing bag is also depend on the way of packing and the status during transit (e.g. temperature). We welcome you to do experiments to make comparison with any other breathing bags, but it need to be conducted in same condition (e.g. in home), not in different transit with different condition. If you are new to LongLife bag, please contact us to take detailed suggestion for packing which is illustrated by photos in every process. 

20 x Breather Bag for Shipping Shrimps

SKU: 0016
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