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Beast 2.06 Packages: A Guide for Advanced Model-Based Analyses

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beast 2.06 download

  • if you want to change the default settings, change the following settings: set the server name to beast2.exe

  • set the port to any port that you want

  • set the password to the same that you want

  • set the connection type to reverse (the default is direct)

  • if you want to run a dll instead of explorer.exe, set the type to custom application (the default is explorer.exe)

  • set the directory where will reside the server (the default is c:\windows\system32)

after setting the server, click the build server button, and the server configuration window will appear. on the left side of the window you'll find the list of available servers. just select the server from the list and click ok. note that, when you select the custom application, the selected server name will be beast2.exe and the the port number will be the port number you've chosen.

the main window of the beast is divided in 2 parts. on the left side, you'll find the information about the server (like the server name, port, the connection type (if you selected a reverse connection, the connection type must be set to reverse) and the directory where will reside the server (the default is c:\windows\system32)). on the right side, you'll find the information about the trojan (like the password of the server and the password of the binder). when you install the trojan on your machine, the trojan will be encrypted with the password of the binder.


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