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computing is far from perfect. however, when it comes to brute force attacks on software, they do have some real impact. big brother will be watching and reporting back on what you do. in a sensible world, you should never have used the service, but that is not always possible. there are situations in which playing online can be a valuable educational resource, and not necessarily one where you can cheat.


i refer you for example to the following: and both are good repositories of well-written explanation material about how to play and think about chess.

you can also look at the behaviour of some of the better players on the fritz-server. the following is an extract from , where players' move frequency is reported after each game. all who don't play more than once a month, are suspended.

however, please note, all the players below are rated. you don't need to have played together to cheat. all the players shown below play many games, and most of them play against people who have rated below 2400. which is why they don't play online any more. the worst of them play away from home. they are given special internet access. they seem not to mind, as the goal is usually winning a few dollars. cheating away from home costs a lot in these days.

  • fixes: a player using a massive host gpu may become frozen when the game switches to gui or xp mode.

  • the host may freeze if a network connection fails while a vfx mod is in play mode.

  • add support for usb mouse mapping.


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