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Blufftitler Eps Files ((TOP))

Has any one had any luck creating your own .eps files that you have used with BT. I have tried adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Flash, and have had no luck. If you have had success, what program did you use, or if you have a secret in using the ones i mentioned above. I would greatly appreciate your assistance

Blufftitler Eps Files

Those programs you listed make eps files that are too big for BT. Stick with the ones recommended in the user guide. I use potrace. It works very well and it's only slightly tricky to learn :-) Keep your eps files under about 7-8KB and you should be okay.

"BluffTitler has limited EPS support. It only imports filled shapes built out of lines and curves from uncompressed, unoptimized EPS files."Only the vector shape is imported. All other info, including bitmap data is ignored.Link 1: 2: Potrace, Bixelangelo or Traced Picture Layer these are the most likely candidates.

Thank you guys. Vincent, are you saying then that I need both Potrace AND Bixelangelo to be able to create EPS files/images to use in BT?What I was able to crudely do was just change the texture of the McDonalds golden arches to a Dairy Queen logo and then added the upside down cup as a Traced Picture Layer to the Container but of course the edges don't have any texture to them.

I created a "web" blank document in illustrator. Then draw a rectangle solid filled with no border. I exported to eps using illustrator 8 eps, preview none, and every box unchecked. Still, when I try to create an EPS layer with this file I get Blufftitler can't handle...What am I doing wrong?Is there another way to import vector graphics into blufftitler?

Thank you Pioneer for the report.We've taken a close look at the EPS files generated by Affinity Designer and found out that they are using a syntactically correct, but uncommon feature. The fix was easy, so the next releases of BluffTitler and Bixelangelo will be able to import EPS files generated by Affinity Designer!

After many attempts to work out how to do this, I have finally come up with an answer.The trick here is that Blufftitler can't handle Bezier curves in the eps and they have to be converted to straight lines. By adding more points to the curves, we can turn them into straight lines and still keep a curve like shape.Here are the steps;1. In Illustrator, open one of the eps files that comes with Blufftitler. They live here \Outerspace Software\BluffTitler\Media\EPS\2. Delete the shape that's there and create or paste your eps path into the document.3. If you only have straight lines in the shape, go straight to step 6.4. Select your shape and click on Object > Path > Add Anchor Points. Keep repeating this step until you think you have enough detail in the curve, keeping in mind that too many points will slow down Blufftitler.5. Select your shape and click on Object > Path > Simplify... Tick 'Straight Lines' and click 'OK'6. Save as eps. The settings that work for me are:- Version 8 eps- No Preview- Untick all Options- Postscript LanguageLevel 2Now you should have an eps that imports into Blufftitler with no problems.Just remember, be careful with the complexity of the shape as it may not import properly or will slow down Blufftitler considerably.Good luck!

I have a problem to load a simple eps file in BT.I have created the eps file in Bixelangelo.The files created bij Bixelangelo are in the zip file.Maybe its a problem of Bixelangelo, old files do work!

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